Texas Map Society

Texas Map Society


Welcome Remarks:

Dr. Susan Schulten
Associate Professor
University of Denver

Tom Overton
Rocky Mountain Map Society

John Martin Davis, Jr.
Texas Map Society



Due to unavoidable circumstances:
John Hessler was replaced by Chris Lane - and -
David Rumsey was replaced by Don McGuirk, M.D.

Burden Portrait

Philip Burden
Keynote Speaker
Author: The Mapping of
North America


Westward Expansion. First Glimpses

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Hessler Portrait

Dr. John Hessler
Senior Cartographic Librarian
Geography and Map Division
Library of Congress


Waldseemüller’s Logic: Johannes Schöner and the Epistemological Foundations of the Early Representation of America

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Demhardt Portrait

Dr. Imre Demhart
U. of Texas, Arlington
History of Cartography


Balduin Möllhausen and Friedrich Wilhelm von Egloffstein: Two German Explorers of the American West in the 1850s

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Hoffenberg Portrait

Stephen Hoffenberg, M.D.
CarePoint, P.C.


Trans-Appalachian Mapping

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Pearce Portrait

Dr. Margaret Wickens Pearce
University of Kansas
Department of Geography


Cartographic coercion and resistance in the Upper Great Lakes: The negotiation of territorial expansion among Native and Anglo-American mapmakers during the Public Land Survey.

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Abbud-Madrid Portrait

Dr. Angel Abbud-Madrid
Director, Center for
Space Resources
Colorado School of Mines


Where to Draw the Line? Mapping the US-Mexico Border

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Morris Portrait

Dr. John Miller Morris
U. of Texas, San Antonio
Department of Geography


From Gulf to Rockies: Cartography of the Fort Worth & Denver City Railroad

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McKenzie Portrait

William J. Warren
Cartographic Advisor
Huntington Library


Alexander McKenzie

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Schulten Portrait

Dr. Susan Schulten
Associate Professor and Chair
Department of History
University of Denver


Mapping the origins of the Colorado Territory

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Akerman Portrait

Dr. James Akerman
Hermon Dunlap Smith Center
Newberry Library, Chicago


Maps, Marketing, and Memories: An Appreciation of the Twentieth Century American Road Map

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Rumsey Portrait

David Rumsey
Founder: Cartography Associates


New Work with Digital Tools
for Historical Maps

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Brown Portrait

Wesley A. Brown
Founder: Rocky Mountain Map Society


The Cartographic Roots of Colorado

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