The Rocky Mountain Map Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to the study and appreciation of maps and other items of cartographic interest. The Society was formed in 1991 and is based in Denver, Colorado.

Most meetings are held on Tuesday evenings at the Denver Public Library, 5th Floor, Gates Room, at 5:30 PM.

October 20, 2015 – Joseph Kerski - "Examining 100 Years of USGS Topographic Maps in a Web-Based Platform”

Joseph Kerski photo

Joseph Kerski

5:30 PM
Denver Public Library
Gates Room
Fifth Floor
This presentation is free
and open to the public.


Join Geographer Joseph Kerski as we explore 100 years of USGS topographic maps in ArcGIS Online, a web based platform that allows for the viewing and exploration of these maps at a variety of scales and with a variety of tools. These tools include “swiping” the maps to compare maps of the same area made during different years to analyze land use and land cover change over time, combining them with satellite imagery and thematic layers such as ecoregions and geology, embedding these maps in web pages, and adding audio, video, photographs, and other multimedia in a “storymapping” environment.

Joseph Kerski serves as Education Manager for Environmental Systems Research Institute (Esri). He served for 21 years as Geographer at the USGS and at the US Census Bureau. He teaches GIS at the University of Denver, other universities, in K-12 schools, and in online courses, including MOOCs. Joseph holds three degrees in Geography. Passionate about spatial learning, Joseph fosters educational partnerships, promotes GIS in education and society through service and scholarship, and conducts courses on geotechnology in education internationally. He creates GIS-based curricula and conducts research in the effectiveness and implementation of GIS in education.

Upcoming Meetings -- Save the dates!

Oct. 19-23, 2015

The Annual International Map Collectors' Symposium (IMCoS)
Capetown, South Africa.
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Dec. 8, 2015

Vincent Szilagyi
"Myths, Men and Monsters: Exploration and Cartography in Central Africa"
5:30 PM at Denver Public Library.
This program is free and open to the community.
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Feb. 5-7, 2016

23rd Annual Miami International Map Fair.
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Feb. 23, 2016

Lorraine Sherry
"Lithuania and the Baltic States: Welcome to the Eurozone!"
5:30 PM at Denver Public Library.
This program is free and open to the community.
Lecture Announcement TBD


Announcements by RMMS Members

Check out the Denver Public Library, Western History and Geneaology Department's New Collection of Digital Maps of Denver.
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RMMS member and guest speaker, Dr. Joseph Kerski, announces a fall course at the University of Denver,
Why Maps Still Matter -- Geotechnologies for a Smarter Planet.
This course on GIS for the “non-GIS community” is part of the university's enrichment program.

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