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Rocky Mountain Map Society!

If you would like to join the Rocky Mountain Map Society, please fill out the membership form on this page! Your information will be kept private and not given or sold to any vendor.


Members of the Rocky Mountain Map Society are from a variety of backgrounds. Most are map collectors and some members are professionals in the field of cartography, but all have an interest in history. The common thread is a fascination with maps, from the first cartographic attempts to the most recent developments.

The Rocky Mountain Map Society actively promotes and sponsors events of interest to map enthusiasts.

  • We invite individuals with an interest in maps and cartography, exploration and discovery, history, or any related topic to join our organization.

  • Dues are $25.00 per year payable at the Spring meeting, PayPal or by mail.

    • We do not accept credit cards

    • Please make checks payable to: Rocky Mountain Map Society and mail to:

      • Rocky Mountain Map Society

      • 1790 Hudson St.

      • Denver, CO, 80220

You may pay your $25 yearly dues with PayPal using the button above, or by mailing a check payable to

"Rocky Mountain Map Society" to


Rocky Mountain Map Society​

1790 Hudson St.

Denver, CO, 80220

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